Public Transportation System

SF Muni cars Embarcadero - Alley Cat Guides
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Muni provides bus and streetcar services within the city of SF. View operating hours and plan a trip at

Purchase a ticket for $2.25 (you must have exact change) on board a Muni bus or streetcar. Tickets remain valid for 90 minutes; make sure to hold on to the ticket so you can use it for any other Muni bus or streetcar within the 90 minute time period. Or, you can use a Clipper card* instead of buying an individual paper ticket.

Buses are the only Muni vehicle to allow bikes. Each bus has a front-loading bike rack which holds two bikes.

To exit from the back doors of a MUNI bus, you must step down onto the stairs in order for the doors to open.

Clipper Card

The most convenient way to manage your Bay Area transit fares and transfers in an all-in-one, reload-able card. Accepted on Muni vehicles, BART, Caltrain, and several other Bay Area buses and ferries. Purchase at a ticket machine of a major station.

For buses, ferries, and streetcars, tap your Clipper card against the card reader upon entry.

For BART and Caltrain, tap the card reader both upon entry and exit.


AKA Bay Area Rapid Transit, BART connects the SF Peninsula with the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont). It’s super convenient for getting to both SFO and Oakland Airports. View operating hours and plan a trip with BART:

The cost of a trip is based on the distance traveled. Hold on to your ticket because you are required to insert your ticket at the exit station. Use a Clipper card instead of purchasing an individual ticket.

Traveling with a bike is allowed, but very cumbersome during rush hours.


CalTrain provides rail service along the SF Peninsula, through the South Bay to San Jose and Gilroy. View operating hours and plan a trip with

Purchase a ticket at any Caltrain station. The cost of a trip is based on the distance traveled. Hold on to ticket to show to train conductor when asked to show proof of payment during trip. If using a Clipper card, you must tap the card reader at your starting station and tap off at your destination station.

San Francisco Cable Car

The SF cable car system is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. Of the 23 lines established between 1873 and 1890, three remain. While some commuters use cable cars, the vast majority of passengers are tourists.

Learn more here:

Purchase a ticket for $6 on board. Drivers can make change for up to $20.

Tip: Avoid the cable car’s long lines and take a ride on Muni’s historic F-Market for a third of the price.