The U.S.’s largest and oldest Japanese community, Japantown offers good eats and fun treats.

Don’t miss:

  • A Sweet Potato Latte at YakiniQ Cafe .(1640 Post St., 2nd Floor)
  • A sweet or savory crepe. Check out Belly Good or Sophie’s.
  • A visit to Pika Pika, one of the most bizarre places you’ll ever visit. You have no idea selfies could get this good.
  • A movie at Kabuki Theater, a locally beloved movie theater that features both main stream and independent films, giving movie-goers the option to sip on a cocktail while the film rolls. (1881 Post St.)
  • Fresh mochi at Benkyodo. (1747 Buchanan St.)
  • Browse manga, magazines, and Japanese lit at Kinokuniya Bookstore. (1581 Webster St.)